Ready to move and have Fun?

FunDoRoo will guide you to build a physical activity routine and have a blast at it !

Physical Activity Curriculum

Developed and tested to improve motor skills in youth with and without developmental disabilities

Three main components:


My Plans



  • Get Ready: warm-up exercises
  • Get Strong: muscle and bone building exercises
  • Have Fun: games that build coordination, agility, balance, speed, and muscle strength

Play in pairs or more!

Each activity is presented with an illustration and written directions that include set-up and possible modifications. Because that is not enough, each activity is linked to a video of families doing the exercises and playing the games.

Fifty physical activity plans starting at 25+ up to 45+ min. Activity plans for indoor and outdoor spaces, plans with little or no sports/play equipment. You can even create your own!

My Plans

Daily Plans

  • See sport/play equipment needed
  • Get a list of activities (Get Strong, Get Ready, Have Fun) for the day
  • Modify the plan as needed


From physical activity recommendations to a calendar that allows you to track how many minutes of activity you have accumulated. Lots of tools to help you include physical activity in your child's routine.

MY TOOLS provides you with activity modifications, tracking of minutes, ideas to make your own equipment and more.

 FunDoRoo mobile app and book were developed after testing its parent curriculum. See publications of its parent physical activity curriculum:


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The FunDoRoo Early Discoveries book was developed after testing its parent curriculum. Publications are in the development stage.